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For most people today, investing in health is very important. Many people live very busy and active lives, which often include strenuous activity and exercise. This can put strain on the muscles, joints, and tendons, which can in turn impact on health. Professor Ali Ghoz is a specialist that deals in a wide range of issues such as these and is aware of the importance of prevention. 

The good news is that there are special clinics available for those that want to prevent injuries stemming from strenuous activities such as sports. Being active is vital when it comes to good health and fitness, but it can also lead to other problems due to the strain put on the body. Fortunately, it is possible to help prevent these injuries through proper assessment and conditioning.

Some Special Clinics Designed for Active People 

There are various special clinics designed to help with the assessment and conditioning of those that undertake a lot of physical activity. These clinics can make a big difference in terms of health and can help to reduce the risk of injury while participating in these activities. They can also help with overall vitality and health. Some of the clinics offered by Professor Ghoz include:

  • Ski Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Clinic: This clinic is designed for those who love to hit the slopes but want to reduce the risk of injury. The clinic offers a variety of services such as assessments, preventative treatments, recovery treatment, oxygen therapy, physio, nutrition advice, and osteopathy.
  • Vitality Clinic: This is a clinic that can help people to enhance their general physical health using a variety of methods. Attendees will be able to access a range of services such as full assessments, pain reduction, bespoke exercise plans, massage, and injury prevention.
  • Sports Injury Prevention Clinic: For those that love to take part in sporting activities, this special clinic can prove invaluable. Those attending receive a full assessment to help maximise on flexibility and balance as well as muscle strengthening. It offers bespoke exercise plans, expert advice, sports massages, and more.

The added benefit of these clinics is that they are run by experts, which means that those attending can get the most out of the programme.