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Aches and pains can begin to show up as the years go by, which traditionally signalled the end of an active lifestyle – and in more extreme cases would lead to the need for complicated knee or hip replacement surgery. The lengthy recovery times and complex nature of these surgeries has been subject to change in recent years, with innovative techniques, materials and technologies being used to improve surgery, rehabilitation and the patient’s quality of life.

Hip and knee replacements now last much longer thanks to the use of super durable materials like plastic polyethylene, or natural materials such as ceramic. Simply changing the materials used in hip and knee replacements means the joint can last between 15 and 25 years.

Another major advance has been the adoption of computer-guided or robotic surgery, which is implemented with highly specific instrumentation. Cellular studies have also provoked change in the surgical field; using plasma that is rich in platelets as stem cells is sure to be used with increasing popularity in orthopaedics.

Futhermore, surgical techniques have adapted and changed; for example, anterior approach hip replacement has been a ground-breaking advancement in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Anterior approach hip replacement is currently only carried out by a small number of surgeons, including Professor Ali Ghoz, and it is becoming popular as a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery.

The patients treated by Professor Ali Ghoz and other surgeons that champion the anterior approach benefit from a decreased risk of dislocation, less bleeding and a much shorter time in recovery. Most patients that undergo anterior approach hip surgery can recover in under 6 weeks as opposed to a minimum of 12 weeks with traditional hip surgery, and many patients report being fully recovered by week 3 or 4.

Professor Ghoz is an experienced consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon working in London and Reading. Specialising in knee and hip surgery, Professor Ghoz is an expert in minimally invasive procedures and is working at the forefront of medical technology, using computer-guided techniques for his complex surgical cases. Professor Ghoz is passionate about patient care, championing techniques and procedures that allow his patients to return to their normal routines as quickly and easily as possible.