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Travelling can be exciting, particularly when visiting new places for pleasure. A holiday promises the opportunity for adventure or relaxation and precious days or weeks away from the daily grind. Even travelling for work can be a welcome break from the confines of the office. However, travel is often all about the destination rather than the journey, with travelling time a thing to be endured before the main event.

Thankfully, there are plenty of travel tips that can be followed to ease the burden. These extend beyond the most obvious preparations of paying the airfare, arranging accommodation and having a rental car ready and waiting. In fact, the trip can be made smoother by the process of carefully planning as many essential tasks as possible. This includes taking care of finances, researching activities at the destination, and generally ensuring everything is in order before departure.

Shortly before the trip, managing finances should be an important consideration. This might include stopping any regular payments that will not be necessary while away; nobody enjoys the sudden realisation that they have paid for newspapers, deliveries or any services that they will not use. With many ATMs frequently charging non-customers for cash withdrawals, it is worth a trip to the bank to avoid unnecessary charges. Likewise, airports are notoriously expensive places to exchange cash into a foreign currency so avoid any last minute cash crises.

Planning ahead can particularly help on the first day of any trip, when so much time and effort is spent on the logistics of the day and navigating through unfamiliar surroundings. Researching nearby amenities before arrival can make the first day less confusing and stressful. Similar planning should be made for the last day of the trip, as this poses comparable problems.

Flying can present a particular set of challenges as, after an often-gruelling wait at the airport, the plane offers a uniquely cramped environment for frazzled nerves to fester. Unfortunately, flying can also aggravate existing health issues and result in a variety of different health-related problems. Thankfully, there are several things which can reduce trouble caused by flying.

Dr. Ali Ghoz, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the London Orthopaedic Clinic, recommends plenty of rest before flying to minimise stress and discomfort. Staying hydrated is also very important. A slightly more unusual recommendation from Dr Ghoz is to add a tennis ball to your hand luggage. It can make a perfect tool for massaging painful knots mid-flight and can also be used to increase circulation by rolling it across various muscles. Comfort is the key when travelling.